• Still Face Experiment

    Sep 22, 2014

    Non-verbal communication is comprised of between 50-90% of our message. Our ability to convey our message non-verbally begins at a very young age. This experiment conducted by Dr. Edward Tronick, Harvard Professor and Director of the University of Massachusetts-Boston Infant-Parent Mental Health program reinforces this finding. Watch as this mother and baby connect through non-verbal cues, and then what happens when the mother withholds her own attending behavior and the child does not receive the confirmation she desires.

  • I Am the Message

    May 14, 2014

    Who is the Message? I am the Message! In our communication skills training class we talk about how it is so easy to pass our moods onto other people and to be truly mindful of not infecting others with our own negative moods.  In this article for Inc., feature writer Bill Murphy Jr. shares tips on what to say to trigger positive reactions in others, but at the same time improve your own mood. These tips are very easy to incorporate into our daily interactions with others, because they just take a few carefully chosen words to create goodwill.

    17 Things Happy People Say Everyday
    Bill Murphy Jr. | Inc.com

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