How to Deliver the Perfect Apology

Apr 29, 2014
One of the tools that we share in Our Community LISTENS communication skills training, is the process of communication—specifically how the communication cycle works.  We break it down into 7 simple steps, but many times the cycle continues, as if we are traveling around and around on a traffic round-a-bout until we feel as if we have been truly understood or we get our needs met.  One potential successful conclusion is an apology.  And not just simply stating the words “I’m sorry”, but doing so in a way that the other feels like they were heard; truly heard.  In an article written by Harvard-trained family and divorce lawyer and couples mediator, Laurie Puhn, she takes us through the 3-step process of how to deliver the perfect apology.

Fight Less, Love More—How to Give a Perfect Apology
Laurie Puhn | MetroFamily Magazine - March 2012 - Oklahoma City, OK
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