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When answering the questions below, please give thoughtful consideration to your responses and provide us more than a simple one sentence reply.  We choose our roster carefully as each class is limited to 18 participants.  Class is offered to our participants free-of-charge, however we do incur a significant cost to share this experience with our participants. Therefore, spots are first offered to candidates who have a strong desire to incorporate new skills into their life and your answers to the questions below are considered accordingly. 

By submitting your application for consideration, you understand the time commitment required and agree to attend this class in its entirety.

This training is held over the course of three days.   Class begins at 8:00am and ends by 5:00pm each day, with one evening activity.  
Please note:  Details can vary by location,  official beginning and ending times (and all other pertinent information) will be communicated to you when you have been confirmed into a session and receive your Welcome e-mail.

We teach in a stair step manner and it is vital that you are present for all the modules to receive the full experience.  Attendance at ALL sessions is mandatory for participation.   As word spreads about the life changing results of this incredible training, our classes are filling up quickly and we are accumulating long wait lists for each session.  We appreciate your understanding of the seriousness of the commitment you are making and ask that if you are unable to commit to the entire session, that you do not apply.

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